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    The MT5815 is a System on Chip (SoC) for magnetic induction based wireless power transmitter solutions. It is fully compliant with the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi v1.2.4 specification, with support of both Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP).
    The MT5815 provides powerful, flexible, feature rich yet compact wireless power transmitter solutions. It integrates everything except power MOSFET’s and a few passive components.
    These include high voltage Buck, LDO’s, three pairs of N-MOSFET’s drivers (to support two coils applications), multiple channels of unique Analog Front End (AFE) for ASK demodulation, FOD and Q factor detection, powerful and unique DSP for demodulation and FOD, generic 12 bit ADC and DAC, current sensing and Over Voltage, Over Current and Under Voltage Protection (OVP, OCP, UVP), oscillators and PLL with support of external crystal for high accuracy clock and extremely low power deep sleep mode, plenty of channels of PWM for individual control of each power MOSFET’s for flexible dead time control and phase shift generation, power adaptor interface detection and control with support of QC 2.0/3.0, USB PD, SCP, FCP and AFC, etc. As the control and configuration center as well as data processor, MT5815 integrates an ARM Cortex M0 processor with a spacious 64KByte eFlash memory and 4KByte SRAM, as well as various serial interfaces (I2C, UART, GPIO’s, etc.), offering powerful processing capabilities and customized features. With a single MT5815, one can implement any single coil or dual coil transmitters defined in WPC specification; by adding one tiny companion driver chip (MT5812), one can implement a 4 coil transmitter or two independent transmitters.


    • Wide input voltage, ranging from 3.5V to 20V, and up to 50W of power transfer
    • Compliant with latest WPC Qi specification v1.2.4 and beyond, supporting proprietary protocols.
    • Embedded 32-bit ARM M0 processor with  64KB eFlash and 4 KB SRAM
    • Supports fast charging power adaptors of different protocols, including USB PD,  QC2.0/3.0, FCP and SCP, and AFC
    • Integrated three pairs of N-MOSFET drivers for single and dual coil applications
    • Integrated Buck convertor and LDO’s for internal power supplies
    • Integrated current sensing function for current measurement and current mode demodulation
    • Multiple channels of AFE+DSP for ASK demodulation in voltage and current modes
    • Low operating current and extremely low standby current in deep sleeping mode
    • Internal 32K and 60M oscillators and PLL with support of external crystal for Apple mode fixed frequency operation
    • Supports SWD, I2C, UART and JLink Interface with plenty of GPIO’s
    • Dual VDD_IO pins for flexible I/O levels
    • Over-voltage/current/temperature protection
    • Input under voltage detection and lockout function
    • Available in 6mm x 6mm QFN48 package